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Mini Moodle Magic – Minimal Scale

Do you use Scales in Moodle?  Did you know you can use a single-value Scale?

Yes it’s true !

You might not be familiar with using Scales if you Grade everything out of 100.

That works fine for Assignments and Quizzes, but you might want to be more creative with a Scale used in a Forum eh?

Usually Scales have multiple values, setup from ‘low to high’ such as:

Pass, Merit, Distinction


Fail, Acceptable, Average, Excellent

But did you know you can set a single value Facebook type Scale such as “Like” to create the most simple type of quick feedback?

Of course, you could use the more modern Facebook style such as:

Love, Like, Haha, Sad, etc.

Can you think of any other examples of how a single value Scale could be used ?

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