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Moodle 3.3 new feature review – Grading reminder

When setting up an Assignment, Teachers can now optionally add a reminder to prompt them when it’s time to grade …Along with the settings for Assignment available from date, due date, and cut off date, there is now a new setting available for ‘Remind me to grade by’.

All a Teacher needs to do is enter a date here for the Assignment grade by setting to display on the Teacher’s Course overview Block, and in the Calendar.  Neat.  For Teachers with many Assignments, potentially across many different courses, this could prove a really valuable function.

It’s worth noting that when first setup a Teacher may think this is not working correctly.  The reason for this is that it will only display in the Course overview Block and Calendar when at least one Student has submitted – this makes sense, but could catch a few people out ?

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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One thought on “Moodle 3.3 new feature review – Grading reminder

  • Thats a really cool new feature for teachers eh? It’s easy for busy teachers to forget to do marking!


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