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Moodle facilitation course for staff development.

Do you have a group of staff who would benefit from increased online facilitation skills?

If so, that’s exactly what MoodleBites for Facilitators is designed for!

Run over 3-4 weeks, the focus is this courses is for individuals and groups who will be facilitating courses online within Moodle, but not on content creation. This model, where content is created by designers, and facilitation is managed by teachers, is not uncommon in larger organisations.

This course help your staff :

  • Become experts at the many different ways to setup and use Forums in Moodle
  • Manage individuals and groups in courses
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate online
  • Best-practice research and examples
  • Individual and group work
  • Monitor and measure performance
  • Evaluate courses effectively

MoodleBites for Facilitators is a ‘closed-course’ – meaning it is run on demand, as a private programme for a specific company.

This allows HR and Training Managers to organise professional development in a private environment, and participants can discuss issues relating to their own organisation with each other in a this private space.

For full details, see the course outline.

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