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E-learning App of the month – Twitter

Have you used Twitter as part of your e-learning course?

There are a number of reason you might want to use Twitter as part of your Moodle and e-learning course.

  • Current
    • For any discipline that is fast moving, such as media studies, Twitter can deliver up-to-date information much quicker than you can update corse content 😉
  • Mobile
    • While your students might not have their computer with them all the time, they almost certainly have a mobile phone, and a choice of hundreds of Twitter clients !
  • Small
    • Although sound bites often have more to do with PR than they do with real news and data, the fact they are small means they can be consumed or discarded with amazing speed.
  • Curated
    • Using hashtags and other methods can quickly create filters for curating and organising data from many different sources.
  • Relevant
    • If you are teaching a technology course, sociology, marketing, politics, music, or many other disciplines, you can get new relevant content straight from Twitter.

And don’t forget, there are ways to integrate Twitter feeds directly into your Moodle course, either by using a plugin, or embedding a feed in an HTML Block for example.

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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