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Moodle Recaptcha update

Moodle versions released March 2018 include updated Recaptcha 2 🙂

If your Moodle site allows email based self-registration, then setting up the Recaptcha function is a great way to reduce spam accounts being created automatically.  You know the type of thing, when you first join a new site, and it shows you a number of pictures and asks you to find the ones with a car in?  It’s very easy for human to do this, but damn near impossible for spam bot account creators 😉

For a little while now the in-built system in Moodle has not been working too well, based on the Recaptcha 1 standard, which will actually cease to be supported from April.  So, the new releases of Moodle are updated with support for Recaptcha 2.

The cool bit is, you don’t even need to do anything with your Recaptcha keys, because v1 will work with v2.  So after your Moodle site is upgraded, anyone using email based self registration will see the new Recaptcha standard automatically 🙂

Read more about Recaptcha here.

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