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Moodle for English for Specific Purposes

As of late, in the framework of the Israel Ministry of Education, I have been involved in a project of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). With the full support of the National Inspectors involved in this project, I decided to use The Ministry of Education Moodle Platform to develop Templates (Courses) that will eventually be available for teachers to request as copies. These teachers will be able to request as many copies of a Template as they need and will get them with their pupils already enrolled.

Moodle supports language learning, and how students can improve Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing (The four language skills). I have developed modules in Moodle to provide specific learning materials, and assigned different activities so that pupils learn the specific vocabulary.

This Youtube video will give you a glimpse of one of the courses.

This project is somewhat peculiar: subject-matter teachers, who are not teachers of English, but teach their subject matter in either Hebrew or Arabic, will have their teenage pupils learn vocabulary (“Technical English”) related to their subject. Using Moodle, pupils will be able to improve their Listening and Reading Comprehension. The expectation is that those subject-matter teachers who will request courses will also collaborate with teachers of English at school so that pupils improve Writing and Speaking, too.

It is a Win-Win situation:
The Ministry uses its resources;
Teachers use the best LMS available;
Teachers do no “office work”, monitor the work of their pupils, and help them learn their subject-matter content in English;
Pupils get more and varied exposure to English and learn actively; and I…
I am glad I have been given the opportunity to help more people experience Moodle as a venue to teach and learn.

Eduardo Lina

Eduardo Lina

Born in Argentina, Eduardo has been living and working in Israel since 1979 - and he loves to use Moodle! Married to Susy, with two daughters: Gabriela and Maia, and three granddaughters (Sol, Dor, and Eliana), Eduardo is teaching English at school. Having completed with HRDNZ both MoodleBites for Teachers and the six MEC courses, Eduardo is a Moodle Certified Educator. He is a Certified Israel Ministry of Education Teachers’ teacher. He has developed and facilitated several Israel Ministry of Education's Spanish and English as a Foreign Language online workshops.

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