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Moodle Mobile online course with 50% discount!

On the first day of each month we often have a special one-time discount on a specific course…

This month we have a discount of 50% on the MoodleBites Mobile Moodle course – to just US$99 !

This course will help you create outstanding courses for mobile delivery, and make you an expert using the Moodle mobile App !

Week 1, Communication for mobile
Here we explore the functions for communication in a Moodle mobile setting, and there are many of these, so understanding what works well, and when, is vital knowledge for teachers.

  • Forums
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Blogs
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Feedback

Week 2, Creating Resources for mobile
Here we explore resources in Moodle and how best to use them in a mobile setting. With such a variety of options, an understanding of which work best for mobile, and why, and how you can improve them is essential.

  • Labels
  • Pages
  • Files
  • Folders
  • URL
  • Book
  • Using the Moodle Mobile App ‘offline’

Week 3, Creating Activities for mobile
Here we explore the activities in Moodle. Exactly how Moodle activities work when users have a small screen mobile device, or are using the Moodle Mobile App takes some experience to get the best results.

  • Wiki
  • Assignments
  • Glossary and Database
  • Lesson
  • Using SCORM objects
  • Surveys and Choices
  • The mobile Gradebook

Week 4, Using media for mobile
Providing multimedia content to mobile and smaller devices has a number of challenges This week we cover how to ensure your multimedia content works beautifully when delivered to mobile devices.

  • Customising the Moodle Mobile App
  • Images for mobile
  • Audio for mobile
  • Movies for mobile
  • Moodle mobile availability plugin
  • HTML5 and CSS

Conditions of this special offer are:

  • This discount is only available for the courses starting 1st November 2020
  • Invoice must be paid using a Credit Card

The full course outline is available here

Watch out for another special discount on a specific course next month!

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