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Moodle Server Administrator – discount

Another special one-time discount on a specific online course…

This month we have a super discount of 25% on the MoodleBites Server Administrator course starting on 1st April (from $750 down to $562).

MoodleBites Server Administrator is a structured programme of eight Moodle courses (weeks) which you can access for the full period of eight weeks.

Each course contains approximately 2-4 hours work, although this varies depending on your experience with Moodle, servers in general, and how much extension work you wish to complete.

Designed for ‘just in time’ training, for busy administrators needing flexibility, and those new to server administration.

Refer to the full course outline to see what this course covers !

Conditions of this special offer are:

  • This discount is only available for the course starting on 1st April 2021
  • You must register for the course within one week of this promotion
  • When completing the registration form you must enter the code: MBSAAPR2021

The full course outline is available here

Watch out for another special discount on a specific course next month!

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