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Moodle tech tip – backup basics

You may be a new Moodle administrator, perhaps not from a technical background?  So how do you get your head around the backup of a Moodle site?Not everyone who runs a Moodle server is from a server administration background.

Often in a school setting it might be an enthusiastic teacher who is rewarded(!) with the responsibility.

For those with limited technical knowledge, there still isn’t an excuse for overlooking the vital task of backing up your Moodle site and data.  Luckily, there is a fairly low tech guide already available on the Moodle Docs site:


The nice thing about this guide is it gives you general information, and indeed states: “Please remember there are many different configurations for webservers and Moodle sites. Most of the instructions below should start with the words generally speaking“.  Very true.

However, this page does give you the essential understanding around the big questions of why, what, and how.

In fact, there is another good reason for reading this page.

If you are hosting your Moodle site with a provider, a Moodle Partner such as HRDNZ for example, then understanding even the basics around the backup requirements can assist you in having meaningful discussions around the backup strategy for your site and courses.

Put simply, even if you never go near the back-end of your server, having an overview of the backup requirements for Moodle is extremely valuable.

Let’s not discuss the wider requirements of backing up a whole server for now…  😉

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One thought on “Moodle tech tip – backup basics

  • Backups are soooooo vital for Moodle sites … just imagine the drama if a course got deleted and couldn’t be restored ! 🙁


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