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Moodle Theme design courses

Book Level 1 and Level 2 together for a $100 discount !

MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 and Level 2

Book these two courses together, and get $100 discount !

Start dates (for Level 1) are: 1st February, 1st June, and 1st October.

These short courses are 3-4 weeks in duration, asynchronous, and completely online. Each week contains approximately 2-4 hours work, although this varies depending on your experience with Moodle and themes in general, and how much extension work you wish to complete.

  • These courses will start with a guide on how to setup your environment for developing Themes including installing a smart web-server and Moodle site.  Please note that using a MoodleCloud site will not be sufficient for this course, you will need to be able to install or access a Moodle test site.
  • Your test/local Moodle site must be an up-to-date (current or very recent supported release).
  • This course is based upon Themes that use ‘Bootstrapbase’ which is based upon the Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive.
  • This is not a theme review course, but rather a ‘learn the skills’ course that focuses on the generic and Moodle specific basics of web page generation and presentation.
  • The course works with the Boost Theme and will involve cloning and adapting the theme.
  • Participants will create a new Theme. The Theme created will be responsive and work with any mobile / tablet / desktop with a web browser.  The course teaches skills using applied examples, and thus the principle of gaining the technical ability to cope with change when it happens.
  • The course recommends (and uses) FireFox. However Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer / Edge should be fine.  The browser version needs to be up-to-date.

Level 1 course outline

Level 2 course outline

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