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Assignment Submission Report Plugin

While I am (obviously) a big Moodle fan, I’ve always felt that the built-in report features don’t always do it justice. When those on high ask us for a certain kind of report, we are often left digging into MySQL to come up with what they want. The Assignment Submission Report plugin (or “Assignment submission and export report” plugin, to give it its full name in the plugins catalogue) is a useful addition to any Moodle system where school administrators want detailed reports on submissions and grades; for example, my employer is an education provider whose degrees are ratified by a number of different universities, and for auditing purposes our own administrative staff need to be able to see at a glance if and when students have submitted to an assignment, what their grade was, and who graded it. And of course being administrators, they like everything to be in Excel ūüėČ

The module adds an item to the Reports menu entitled Assignment Submission Report. As the name suggests, it will give you a report on submissions to the various assignments in the course, showing the marking status (e.g., whether workflow or blind marking is enabled), the number of submissions, the group mode, and the method, if any, used for plagiarism detection (normally Turnitin). Next to each assignment, you will see choices of report form. 

View¬†displays information on each of the student’s submissions, including the student’s group (useful if you have several classes sharing the same Moodle course), submission status, Turnitin similarity score (if used), the grader, date of last grading and release of grade and of course the grade itself. You can also download submitted files, and if you want even more detailed information, clicking the Log button will give you all actions for that student/assignment combination.

Note: names and email addresses are not real

Export lets you download this information as a spreadsheet in the format of your choice. There is also an option at the top to export data for all assignments. Offline is a simplified version of Export in the format used for offline grading.

Finally, Download¬†will download all submissions to that assignment.¬†If your course uses any of the¬†feedback methods listed there,¬†you can tick those boxes;¬†unfortunately, it can’t download¬†feedback given within Turnitin.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed by this plugin and would recommend installing it if you need detailed reports on assignments.

Robin Turner
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Robin Turner

Until recently, EAP instructor and Moodle systems administrator at Bilkent University, Ankara, now Learning Technologist at the Global Banking School's London Greenford campus. Interested in educational technology and gamification/game-based learning.

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