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Scott’s MootNZ19 Wrap Up

Paradoxically, it seems like MootNZ19 was forever ago and yet I’ve had no free time to mentally unpack from my trip to Auckland. I did 3 presentations and 3 workshops at the Moot, and I did not realise how much that would take out of me.

But, wow wasn’t Moodle Moot New Zealand fantastic? It was so good to come see so many great Kiwi Moodlers and H5Pers and share knowledge with them.

Ruth Boal and Catherine Duncan facilitated a great H5P day, and introduced many people to this fantastic tool. I was in Catherine’s room all day, and there were some interesting discussions about how to use H5P in higher ed. I heard good things about Ruth’s “new to H5P” room too.

The Moodle Community Day was very interesting with Sheryl Villaroman sharing experiences of Moodlers in the Philippines, and Catherine Duncan talking about the strategic approach to eLearning that TAFE NSW is taking. Cat gets to play with some really cool toys, and I am very jealous.

Chad Outten from Australian Moodle Partner MyLearningSpace also had a really interesting presentation exploring UX and UI in Moodle. And I just want to comment on how fantastic it was to see four Moodle Partners (HRDNZ, Nephila Web, Catalyst IT and MyLearningSpace) at the Moot be so supportive and professional to each other. It really was a fantastic community vibe.

And I really enjoyed presenting Five Instructional Design Lessons from the Tokyo Subway. That was my big presentation and I was a bit nervous about it. It really was very different from anything I had done in the past, and I really appreciated the feedback. Someone has already asked if there’s a recording of it. There wasn’t, but I’m going to turn the presentation into a blog post for a future ElearningWorld column.

I was pretty beat by the time Workshop Day came around, so I want to thank everyone for their patience with me. One person who couldn’t make it to the last presentation asked me for my notes. Of course, I had no notes, but it was an interesting workshop that might have to become a blog post of its own.

And I really appreciated that the other workshop was well-received; I demonstrated a tool that I built for my own team that I’ve called The Tile Builder. I do have a demo online (don’t judge me, it’s a partially working prototype). The Tile Builder is pretty specific to my team’s purposes. However, enough people asked about it that I am exploring ways to actually make a version open to everyone.

I really enjoyed the presentations at the Moot, and I wished I could have attended more. So many great presenters and so many great topics, it was a shame I had so many presentations and couldn’t attend more myself. If you had a favourite presentation, please share it in the comments.

I know it will be a few years yet before the next one, but I can’t wait for the next Moot NZ. It is one of my favourite conferences, and it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. My hat is off to the great presenters, to Unitec, the sponsors and Moodle Partners, and of course to the awesome team at HRDNZ. And of course, to the amazing community of New Zealand Moodlers.

MootNZ really is a gem. Stuart, you can put me down for MootNZ21, but maybe just 4 presentations.

Upcoming Asia Pacific Moots…

It might seem like far away, but MoodleMoot Japan 2020 will take place in Kumamoto at Sojo University on February 25 to 28.

…and other Elearning/EdTech Conferences

EdTechPosium will be held in Canberra on October 28 & 29Martin Dougiamas will be a keynote speaker.

EduTech Asia is being held this November 4 to 7 in Singapore.

The 2019 Eportfolio Forum will be held in Canberra, on November 20 & 21. If you’re a Mahara user, you’ll want to check it out.

ASCILITE 2019, for those using educational technologies in tertiary education, in Singapore on December 2 to 5“Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart.” is this year’s theme.

The National VET Conference will be held in Gold Coast, Queensland on September 17 & 18. I’ve been told the CFP will open soon.

Scott Huntley
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Scott Huntley

Kenneth "Scott" Huntley is an Instructional Designer with Transport for NSW and WordPress instructor with The Parramatta College. Scott is a Canadian (Nova Scotian) Expat living in the Southern Highlands of Australia. Scott is a Moodle enthusiast and an Internet of Things hobbyist.

One thought on “Scott’s MootNZ19 Wrap Up

  • Great summary Scott !
    Yes, 6 sessions over 3 days is probably too many, but while we’ve got you we want to learn from you! lol
    Let’s prioritise quality over quantity next time though as well 🙂
    So glad you enjoyed it, and as long as I’m running the event you will always be on the invitee list.
    I did note your comment about the number of Moodle Partners working together, with no ego’s or competition – and I think that’s perhaps a very Kiwi way of approaching things – and one of the things people really appreciate at the event 🙂
    I would say “Can’t wait for the next one!” – but I also need time recover, lol.
    Now … Japan … 2020 … interesting !


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