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New facilitator for Moodle H5P forum

ElearningWorld CEO Stuart Mealor is now facilitator for the H5P Moodle community forum.

Having been involved with Moodle for more than 15 years, and working with H5P for a few years too, Stuart has taken on the role of facilitator for the H5P Forum on Moodle.org.


A PHM (Particularly Helpful Moodler) for 10 years as voted by the Moodle community, it’s no a surprise that Stuart is continuing to help Moodle users in the Moodle.org community.

When asked he said:

It’s a really interesting time for H5P and Moodle. I’ve been using H5P with WordPress, via H5P.com SaaS (Software as a Service), and in Moodle for a few years now.

The current position of the H5P plugin, changes to Moodle core code, and how best to approach H5P content within Moodle is a little confusing at the moment for many people, so it’s good to develop the conversations in the forum for everyone to exchange ideas and knowledge.

I think H5P will have a huge impact on Moodle over the next 18 months, and it’s important that Moodle users are well-informed and skilled in this exciting new integration.


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