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Free YouTube Moodle movies

Have you seen our free teachers level Moodle movies?

HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner since 2006) decided long ago to make their course movies available for free, for anyone to view.

We asked Stuart Mealor, HRDNZ Managing Director, why ?

“We figured that lots of people would never have the chance to take one of our MoodleBites courses, perhaps because they don’t have a budget, or their organisation doesn’t support their professional learning. So we decided that we could publish all the movies on YouTube to help these people, even though they are not paying for s course with us.

Some people thought that was a bad idea. But the reality is, the movies are only a small part of the online courses. The courses are facilitated, have practical working examples, discussion forums, self-test quizzes, and hundreds of resources in Lessons and other activities. The movies themselves are probably less than 10% of the total course content and value.”

So here’s the MoodleBites for Teachers Playlist – with lots of useful movies for teachers using Moodle:

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