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Traditionally, access control and intrusion detection systems have worked independently of each other. ICT brings these together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps clients keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling them to monitor and control access inside.


Using a single system for access control, intrusion detection, and building automation not only saves money on the installation, the features it unlocks can lead to improved staff safety, a more user friendly system that is more efficient to operate, and of course a higher level of security..

Supported by HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner since 2006) ICT Solutions use Moodle to deliver a range of their specialist product training courses internationally.

Contact helpdesk[at]hrdnz.com if you would like to discuss how HRDNZ, certified Moodle Partner, can support your unique e-learning project, or Moodle hosting and support needs.


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