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Moodle mini tip #4

How can I show a Moodle Course listed in more than one Category?

This is a question people sometimes ask.

Can I have a Moodle Course that shows in more than one Category

Why would you want to do this?

Well, one scenario is that you have say a generic “Study Skills Foundation” course that you would like to show in a number of Categories – alongside Science, Arts, and Humanities courses in each Category., mainly so it is easy to find alongside other courses.

It isn’t possible to show a single Course in Moodle in different Categories, but there is a workaround solution that ‘does the job’.

If you create a new course, using the Single activity course format, it is possible to add a URL as the single activity. The URL can be a redirect to a course in a different category

Replicating this Single activity course in multiple Categories then gives the appearance of a course in more than one category, so in our example in fact these Courses all link to the same “Study Skills Foundation”.

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Stuart Mealor

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2 thoughts on “Moodle mini tip #4

  • Oleksiy

    Smart tip! 🙂 I had the same issue and used Label instead of URL, it also worked.
    By the way, Stuart, have you cancelled monthly Zoom meetings?

    • Oh yes, there is often more than one solution when you want to achieve something in Moodle 😉
      Our monthly Zoom meetings are running again this year, just not in January as many people still on holidays, particularly here in the Southern Hemisphere where it is now summer holidays too.

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