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The jigsaw of the day…

“If we enrol someone into a Moodle course and they are suspended at system level will they become ‘un-suspended’ ?

“Does the system suspension overrides the course enrollment? Or course enrollment cancels the system suspension?”

Well the answer seems pretty easy no? Specially if you consider Moodle’s contexts, right?

Nothing beats a system setting.

But is this the true here? thoughtful

Well, yes and no!

Yes, because a suspended in system user, remains suspended no matter what. Even if teacher manually enrolls him/her in a course, a suspended in system user won’t be able to access the site and consequently the course.

No, because a suspended in system user, who’ll be enrolled in a course will seem as ‘Active’ account and not as ‘Suspended’.

Weird no? thoughtful And confusing…

Imagine if you were a teacher and you enrolled in your course manually someone who had been suspended by the admin. You’ll be seeing this person normally in participants list, in enrolled users list, in gradebook, in course activity reports, you could even send him/her a message through system!

Given that when an account is suspended, activity logs and everything are kept, why a system suspension doesn’t suspend user in all levels? thoughtful

Do I smell a bug? What do you think? thoughtful

I guess it worth make a tracker search… wink

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I am an educator specialised in distance education, living and working from Greece. I have been working with HRDNZ for long time, since I completed my Moodle Teacher Certificate in 2007. My key role is to manage Moodle Educator Certificate program for HRDNZ.

2 thoughts on “The jigsaw of the day…

  • Sylvester Garcia

    Hi Anna I “think” I understand this, or why it happens. When a user is suspended, at the site level (by an Administrator) that user cannot then Login. But they still ‘exist’ on the system. Their account and profile still exist (even though they can’t login). But because the account exists, it can be added to a Course (Enrolled). It makes no difference, because they still cannot Login. And of course, they may be un-Suspended in the future. Is this the full picture ? But I agree it’s confusing, and maybe there should be a switch, at least for Admins, to say that Suspended users cannot be added to a Course?

    • Agree with you ‘Sylvester’, for users it doesn’t make any difference.

      But for teachers and facilitators this can be a huge frustration. In the case of course, that administrator and teacher are different people.

      Since user can’t login in site, its pointless to show him/her Active inside course. It should be shown as Suspended. Possible to enroll (to reactivate) and possible to access logs etc, normally, but suspended, not active.

      In that case this wouldn’t really make any difference in both user and teacher/fac. That’s why I though it might be a bug… thoughtful

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