Pro+Med Limited is a New Zealand company focused on delivering an excellent product as Event Medical Service providers, and expert trainers in Health and Safety, Wellbeing, First Aid and Emergency Care.

The philosophical imperative of the company is to deliver training to learners with the intention of inspiring them to continue to develop their skills, knowledge and professionalism. Pro+Med deliver real learning towards genuine competence; to empower their clients to employ their learning in the workplace, their communities, and their homes with well-founded confidence.

Working with HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner since 2006) Pro+Med use Moodle to flexibly deliver a sub-set of their almost 50 specialist courses online.

The Moodle installation is highly customised, integrating

From New Zealand Certificate Programmes and Advanced Medical, to all First Aid and Health & Safety training needs. Pro+Med do it all!

Contact helpdesk[at] if you would like to discuss your own e-learning project, or Moodle hosting and support needs.


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