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Moodle and air quality monitoring

See how Moodle can be used to support a highly specialised commercial air quality monitoring organisation.

Moodle can be used in many different ways, not just for supporting schools, universities, and education providers.

Aeroqual is a small but highly specialised commercial company manufacturing a range of specialist air monitoring equipment. HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner and solutions provider since 2006) have worked with Aeroqual to support and develop their Moodle site. As their main website says:

We help people, companies and governments make better air quality decisions by providing them with cost effective and reliable instrumentation and information. Our sensor-based instruments and air quality monitoring systems are used widely in outdoor ambient applications as well as indoor air quality and ozone monitoring and control.

So why does Aeroqual use Moodle?  There are two key factors:

  • Using Moodle Aeroqual can provide online training courses to train and most importantly assess that operators of the specialist devices can calibrate and use them correctly.
  • Using Moodle also allows the training to be delivered to locations it would not be financially viable to conduct face-to-face training – Aeroqual have customers all over the globe.

Use a fairly standard Moodle site, Aeroqual can provide access to the technical manual and documentation, but also provide video content and tutorials to support the end users.

Coupled with detailed and well constructed quizzes, the learning can be assessed to ensure the users fully understand the monitoring equipment and it’s use.

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