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Kirkpatrick’s Model

Looking at the periodic table of instructional design led me to investigate Kirkpatrick’s Training Evaluation Model.

This ties in neatly with¬†Keller’s model which I discussed in my last blog….

I am currently collaborating with the  information literacy librarian in our organisation, to develop resources around evidencing research, and referencing.

My objective, at this stage, was to introduce the idea of primary and secondary sources and why we should use them.

The attached link shows the worksheet we have put together so far. Evidencing Your Research.

Whilst this covers the aspects at this time we are looking to expand it into a broader resource; the librarian has strong feelings about the inclusion of “authority”.

However I am now thinking to improve on the learner experience by getting the class to make a short video clip on demonstrating the difference between primary and secondary sources, and when we would use them. We will use the Hartness library presentation as a guide for this as it is clear and concise.


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