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Critical thinking: an important skill to learn

In  EdTech Review blog we can found the next definition:

critical thinker:

  1. Is open-minded and mindful of alternatives
  2. Desires to be, and is, well-informed
  3. Judges well the credibility of sources
  4. Identifies reasons, assumptions, and conclusions
  5. Asks appropriate clarifying questions
  6. Judges well the quality of an argument, including its reasons, assumptions, evidence, and their degree of support for the conclusion
  7. Can well develop and defend a reasonable position regarding a belief or an action, doing justice to challenges
  8. Formulates plausible hypotheses
  9. Plans and conducts experiments well
  10. Defines terms in a way appropriate for the context
  11. Draws conclusions when warranted – but with caution
  12. Integrates all of the above aspects of critical thinking

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One thought on “Critical thinking: an important skill to learn

  • I really like this !

    It’s something that teachers can use with learners, to help them understand how to actively think about the information that bombards us from the media, news, internet, etc.


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