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iMoot Mini – presentation accepted

Miranda Verswijvelen and I have had our presentation for iMoot Mini accepted.

Here is the brief, for those who might be interested:

Game of Negatives

Navigating the confusing waters of double-negatives in Moodle conditional access settings, we’ve managed to come up with some interesting and fun results. Just by using labels on the page, we can make the course look more game-like to the student, allowing them to unlock badges (without needing to use the Moodle badges system if it’s not enabled on your site) and achievements, or discover a treasure map, and access new content at their own pace. We’ll show you a test course which you can explore as a student, and then show you the behind-the-scenes look, how it was all constructed.

I’ll put an update out when we know the TIME of our presentation. Hopefully we know soon as iMoot Mini is on Friday 6th November (that’s not so far away now!).

Looks like there will be some other really awesome presentations. Go check it out and hopefully we’ll see you there.

Source: Miriam’s MoodleLair feed

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