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What’s Lost When Handwriting Fades?

This has been a concern to me for several years.

As a very kinesthetic learner who learns best by doing, I remember best when I take notes, copious notes.  I know not everyone is that way, but have wondered if we might be losing something as we move to typing more and more and expecting students at younger and younger ages to type instead of write.  I grew up when penmanship was a subject that we spent a lot of time on. I am not so much worried about a reduction in the amount of practice as I am about students not being able to write fast enough or legibly enough to make note taking and may brainstorming a practical tool at times.  This article http://buff.ly/Tm9uGN  from the New York Times on June 2nd provides a look at some of the research looking into what we might lose if we don’t make sure students learn how to write efficiently. There is some brain activity involved that may not occur when people write as well as some data on creativity.   Definitely something to consider.

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