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Moodle Tech Tip: Removing old Themes

Have you ever noticed all the old Moodle Themes when upgrading?

A few days ago I was upgrading a new clients Moodle site, and I noticed something odd.  Towards the end of the upgrade process (I was upgrading the site to Moodle 3.3.5) there was a notification about old Themes being removed.

At first glance this seemed fine.  But then I thought … these are Themes from ‘way back’ – maybe Moodle late version 2.x (2.7?), and they should have been removed during a previous upgrade.

I checked the Themes folder, and sure enough these Themes are not present.  So why the message on upgrade?

After a quick dig around, and internet search, I came across this excellent post:


It’s exactly the problem, and even has the solution !

Of course you do need to be a server administrator to apply this solution, and comfortable with issuing a few sql commands – but you can copy and paste from the example provided.

Essentially it’s a safe process, and is just removing some references to files (the Themes) that not long exist.

I can’t see a name on the original post, but I did leave a nice comment, because it probably saved me an hour searching for a solution – thanks !

Got to love the internet 🙂

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