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What will 2021 be like?

What are the positives to look for this year?

2020 was certainly a year many people would like to forget.

We cannot forget the hundreds of thousands of people that dies from COVID-19 during 2020, and the many more who will also be affected during 2021. The various vaccine offer some light on the horizon, but 2021 will certainly start as a very hard year.

This year in the world of online learning we will continue to see huge change.

Likely more adoption of online learning, and hopefully some really strong improvements in the online learning that was evident in 2020, when it became clear that “we could have done better” as an industry. Although there has been investment, and some great work done, it also became very apparent that many people and organisations were not able to transition as effectively as we would expect to online learning.

So, for those of us in the online learning profession, 2021 represents a continued opportunity for growth, but also very real challenges in how people adopt, access, and benefit from what we are able to do these days using technology to support learners, of all ages, cultures, and abilities.

I think it will be an interesting year for us all.

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

Stuart is interested in all things e-learning, with specific interests in Moodle, e-learning strategy, and business development. His experience in education over 30 years, MBA in International Business, and knowledge of e-learning systems implementation, together with graphic design background, give him a unique skill set for e-learning projects.

One thought on “What will 2021 be like?

  • Good point, Stuart!
    I don’t think 2021 will be a simple year for eLearning people.
    The most challenging thing for us probably will be to teach educators how to use eLearning technologies in a proper way.


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