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Advanced course for designers using Moodle

Are you looking to extend your skills and knowledge in Moodle to the top level?

MoodleBites for Course Designers is an 8 week online facilitated course for those individuals who are competent and confident teachers with Moodle, but want to take their skills to the next level, and create truly outstanding courses.

Developed by HRDNZ (official Certified Moodle Partner since 2006) this is one of the range of teacher level courses, designed for both new and existing teachers.

The course is completely online, and asynchronous, so there is no requirement to be online at any set time. This works well as the participants on MoodleBites courses are international, from all around the world, and spread across different timezones. The course features topics including:

  • Advanced course management
  • Audio in Moodle
  • Advanced graphics
  • Advanced Database, Lessons, and HTML content
  • Accessibility and Usability
  • Web 2.0 and social-networks integration
  • Understanding and using Plugins

Many of the people taking MoodleBites courses comment that it’s such a great additional benefit being part of a course with others from all around the world, as it gives them different perspectives, and often new ideas for use in their own courses!

MoodleBites for Course Designers is not a self-study course, because HRDNZ strongly believe that working in an online course together with a highly skilled and experienced facilitator, provides the ultimate in learning opportunities.

Due to it’s popularity MoodleBites for Course Designers has three start dates each year! These are 1st February, 1st June, and 1st October (there are no MoodleBites courses through December-January as spanning the Christmas, New Year, and holiday period is not practical).

At $399 per person for the complete 8 weeks the course is great value too. Although you should keep an eye out on this site for occasional discounts of around $100 on this course!

Successful participants are rewarded with an Open Badge and a Certificate of Completion at the end.

You can register for MoodleBites for Course Designers at any time by using the onsite registration form.

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