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ANZAC Day 2020

Perhaps more this year than in a long time, it’s important today to take a minute to remember. This morning, shortly before 6:00, I shuffled to the end of my driveway to observe the minute’s silence.

Let’s be honest; 2020 sucks and it’s only April. Between fires and floods, it’s been a rough start. Every practically conference canceling has left this monthly column pretty bleak. I have to admit, I have been very down for quite a while. The pandemic has really tapped any kind of positivity I had. And the events back home in Nova Scotia last weekend really were a gut punch on top of everything else.

While it’s fine to acknowledge how disheartening the current situation is, it’s important to remember the blessings we have. That’s why it was pertinent for me to be there this morning, observing ANZAC Day, acknowledging those who’ve sacrificed so much for us. And it was very good to see so many of my neighbours out there with me.

Even if you’re not a New Zealander or an Australian, take a moment today to acknowledge that even in tough times, we are blessed with many gifts that others have sacrificed to give us.

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Scott Huntley
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Scott Huntley

Kenneth "Scott" Huntley is an Instructional Designer with Transport for NSW and WordPress instructor with The Parramatta College. Scott is a Canadian (Nova Scotian) Expat living in the Southern Highlands of Australia. Scott is a Moodle enthusiast and an Internet of Things hobbyist.

2 thoughts on “ANZAC Day 2020

  • Nice post Scott, for all the wrong reasons of course!
    I hadn’t heard about the shootings in Nova Scotia (a long way from New Zealand) and 99% of news seems to be COVID-19 related these days.
    Shocking, and very sad.
    I did reflect on Anzac Day. But in an unusual way.
    I thought about the emerging opinion in the USA, about how the USA might completely open up, and how old people might “do the right thing” and catch COVID-19 for the sake of the economy. Act like hero’s.
    What a terrible position that is.
    These are the very people, the generation, who gave their lives to protect freedom, and worked and paid taxes, and put the economy where it is today.
    To suggest that generation can be hero’s by dying to ensure the great USA economy can get back to work is probably the most insulting thing I have heard in years.

    • Between the fire, COVID-19 lockdowns, and the shootings, I can’t remember a worse year for my own mental health. It can always be worse though. I should try to make it to the June Zoom and start reconnecting with everyone.

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