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Coming in Moodle 3.9

Improved Safe Exam Browser integration.

Safe Exam Browser offers a way to safely carry out online assessments by turning the web-browser into a secure workstation.

Safe Exam Browser is offered under a Mozilla Public License, and the application is available for Windows (7, 8.1, 10), macOS (starting 10.7, recommended 10.11 or newer) and iOS (9.3.5 or newer) as freeware.

The application must be downloaded and installed on the device that the student uses to attempt the quiz. The restrictions placed on students are similar to those in the pop-up window case, but because Safe Exam Browser is software running on the student’s computer, it can do a much more effective job of restricting their actions.

Key features are that shortcut keys such as Win+Tab, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+F4, Print Screen, Cmd+Tab are disabled or cannot be used to close SEB or to switch to other user accounts on the computer, and it cannot be closed until the test is submitted.

This has been part of Moodle’s ‘experimental settings’ for quite a long time and Moodle HQ are now improving the integration to be more user friendly and powerful.

This is a joint collaboration between the Safe Exam Browser consortium, Catalyst (Moodle Partner), and Moodle HQ.

You can read about the integration here:


Or if you need to find out more about Safe Exam Browser itself take a look at the main site:


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