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Community and iMoot14

I have now spent many hours in the 2014 iMoot. One of the things that keeps coming to mind is the importance of community.

As an educator for more than 30 years, I have long recognized that “networking” or forming communities of users can be a very powerful tool. It is sometimes a tool we fail to take the time to use. When we take the time to share ideas, creative endeavors or intellectual observations we not only spread the knowledge but open up a new perspective to ourselves and those around us.  Listening to the Moodle partners and the developers talk, I gained a better understanding not only of how things happen but the whys.  Hearing about the struggles of some organizations to get their stakeholders to buy in and use the systems available, I realized our experience was not unique.  Presenting with creative ways of doing things gleaned from forums, conferences and troubleshooting with colleagues, I saw the lights go on for others.  I encourage you, no matter what field of elearning you work in, no matter what system you are using, to seek out those community experiences whether you do it by online networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc. or conferences or sitting down with co-workers. Community is worth the time.

Paula Clough
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Paula Clough

A "retired teacher". Thirty two years experience in Education. 10 years with Moodle in K-12 and college levels.

One thought on “Community and iMoot14

  • In France we have a teacher who said : ”we learn alone but not without the others”

    His name is Philippe Carré

    In e-learning it is absolutely an invariant !

    … May be some books in English ?


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