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iMoot 2014

Here we are! iMoot 2014 is ready to go! And of course we’ll be there.

Just printed my schedule (isn’t cool to get the schedule in your own timezone?) and checking my presentation time:

Super Session – Mediterranean – MCCC in 2014

Friday 16 May 2014 – 12:00 UTC+3

Hope the time fits in your schedule and the subject in your interests. I had the pleasure to take my MTC (former MCCC title) with the Mentor of Mentors, Haidee Mealor – Foxwell and be the first Certified Moodle Teacher in Greece back in 2006.

Since then I have been working with HRDNZ MP – Certification Central Administration and had the chance to see MCCC to evolve from year to year.

This year some important decision have been taken regarding MCCC, decisions that change the way we are assessing MCCC to make it more interesting for candidates, more collaborative and learning, moving the focus from “Assessing” to “Mentoring”, always maintaining the high quality standards required.

Wish you all a great iMoot!

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Anna Krassa

I am an educator specialised in distance education, living and working from Greece. I have been working with HRDNZ for long time, since I completed my Moodle Teacher Certificate in 2007. My key role is to manage Moodle Educator Certificate program for HRDNZ.

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