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Apple support let’s them down again.

How can the world’s richest company have such weak support?

At the start of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic started to happen, like many others I found myself doing even more Zoom, Skype, and Big Blue Button video-conference work than usual.

I was due a new headset, so decided to splash out on some AirPod Pro’s, not cheap at NZ$449. But I use a MacBook Pro and MacMini in the office for video-conference, so it made sense.

Given we were in lockdown, I purchased them online via the Apple Store.

After a few months the charging case stopped charging. We all understand that technology is not perfect, and faults happen. Not a problem. So I contacted Apple support. To my amazement they will not process a return, and advise that I have to go in person to their authorised dealer. I told them my nearest dealer is a 6 hour drive, each way, and means me taking a whole day out of my life to do this.

Apple’s answer was an apologetic “Yeah, we know it’s frustrating, but we don’t carry replacements for the cases, there is no alternative, you have to go in person.”


Apple can take NS$449 and happily ship this from Australia to New Zealand.

But they cannot process a replacement for a faulty unit ?!?!

I’m trying to think of ANY other online purchase where I’ve had this situation, and where the supplier would not swap a faulty unit.

I can’t.

Very disappointing 🙁

Stuart Mealor
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