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Data and E-Learning Part 8: Moodle Grader Report

We saw in the previous article how you can extract participant data out of a Moodle installation. In this article we will look at how to get Grader Report data out of a Moodle installation and what you could do with this data.


We will be using the Moodle Demo site for the examples in this article. Your site will probably look different and you may need to tweak some of the steps provided to extract the same data. You should still be able to follow these steps for extracting the desired report data.

Grader report

The Grader Report provides an overview of the grades for each student in each assessed item on a course. The assessed items could include assignments, quizzes, SCORM files, lessons or workshop activities. The Grader Report page shows you the score each student has achieved in the grade item and their course total. Downloading this data provides you with a number of opportunities for analysing the progress of your students in this course.

Extracting grader report

You can download the Grader Report data for a course as follows:

Navigate to the course you wish to analyse and click on Grades in the left menu.

Moodle grades page

In the Dropdown menu (1) scroll to the bottom and under Export select Excel spreadsheet (2).

Moodle grades page

Select the Grade items to include in the report (1) and then expand the Export format options (2).

Moodle grader report download

Make your desired selections (1) and then click Download (2).

Export format options

Data contents

This process will download a .xlsx file with the Grader Report data for the course. The exact data available will depend on how your course is set up but will probably include the following:

  • fist name
  • last name
  • idnumber
  • email
  • suspended
  • grade for each assessment item
  • course total
  • last download.

Assessment items that a user has not attempted will likely be listed as ‘-‘. If they have attempted the item their score should be shown. The exact display will depend on the options you selected when downloading the data.

Using the data

Have a think about how you would use this data before reading on. What could it tell you? What could you do to it to analyse it further? What questions could you ask that this data could shed some light on? Think over this before reading further.

This course data could be useful for tracking the progress of users in the course and across courses. Here are some ideas for how you could use it:

  • Checking the progress of a student within a course
  • Averaging the score for each assessment item to determine which items students found hardest
  • Determining what percentage of the course a student had completed based on the number of assessment items they had passed
  • Identifying users that scored below a certain level for an assessment item so that you could provide them with some further support
  • Following up with students that had not completed a required assessment item.

By combining this Grader Report data with other datasets you could take your analysis further:

  • Assess completion rates by country, city or some other grouping by adding in user data
  • Compare the achievement of students from different cohorts
  • Comparing the achievement of students with different tutors.

Have a go at pulling down the Grader Report data from one of your courses and get a feel for what information it tells you. How could you use this information to improve outcomes for your students?

In this article we have looked at how we can pull down Grader Report data from a course and analyse it to understand our student’s progress through the course. In our next article we will examine downloading Grade History data.

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