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Monthly Poll – Moodle version?

Which version of Moodle are you using ?

This month we want to survey what version of Moodle sites are using.

New major versions of Moodle are generally released every six months or so (although this can vary when there are major releases, such as Moodle 4.0).

It only takes a second, so post your feedback !

What version of Moodle is your organisation using?

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Poll – Moodle version?

  • Oleksiy

    Actually we are using Moodle 3.10 which is in fact the latest release for today (8th February 2021)
    Maybe it is worth to add this version to the options?

    • blank ElearningWorld Admin

      Thanks Oleksiy, that’s a great idea – we will add that to the Poll now – it will be interesting to see how quickly it’s being adopted 🙂

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