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H5P 2019 – the biggest release so far

The latest H5P release includes Branching Scenario, Virtual Tour (360) and Dictation.

This is the biggest release ever for H5P. Three new content types, two of them massive, in addition to highly requested key features for existing content types.

Branching Scenario

Allows authors to create learning experiences that changes based on the learner’s choices. May be used for adaptive learning, for allowing the learner to pick their own paths or to create dilemmas where the learners get to experience the consequences of their choices.

Virtual Tour (360)

Using 360 (equirectangular) images authors may create a 3D world and place interactions in it. Let your users experience how their future working environment will look like, and place real world challenges in it, or perhaps let them experience the insides of a ventilation system.


Otacke never stops, this is another content type from our German friend. The name “Dictation” says a lot, but it doesn’t say it all. Dictation is a great tool for the traditional dictation tasks. It has been available since December and we’re also hearing about other use-cases as well. Analyzing heart beats for instance.

Shapes for Course Presentation

Until now any shapes needed for Course Presentation have been uploaded as images. Creating shapes from within the tool has been a highly requested feature, and the first version of the shapes tool is now launched supporting shapes like lines, squares and circles with several line, background and color settings.

Audio recorder in the authoring tool

Now authors may record sound directly from H5P instead of using a third party tool and uploading the result. This will allow for rapid creation of audio based tools like for instance Dictations and Memory Games with sound.

Accessibility improvements

Several improvements to accessibility have been made to many of the content types. Especially targeted at improving the keyboard navigation experience and adding aria-label where there were only title attributes.

Read the full official details here: https://h5p.org/february-2019-release-note

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