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H5P workshop at NZ Moodle Moot

Fancy attending an H5P workshop at the New Zealand Moodle Moot this year?

One of the things that has been highly popular in the past year or so is the inclusion of H5P within Moodle.

It’s easy to see why.

  • Although Moodle is probably the best Learning Management System on the market, and it has some great activities such as highly flexible forums, and an amazingly sophisticated quiz, it lacks a huge array of activity types.
  • H5P’s strength is the variety of activity and resource types a teacher can build.
  • And H5P has a huge advantage over SCORM – it’s easy to learn, and edit. It doesn’t require specialist educational designer skills (although the content created by designers is no doubt more impressive than the average time-poor teacher).

At this year’s New Zealand Moodle Moot conference (https://www.moodlemoot.co.nz) we decided it was good timing to include a full day on H5P. But we have setup two parallel workshops:

  • Foundation – for those very new to H5P, who want to know how to get it, what it does, how to best use it, etc.
  • Advanced – for those already using H5P, who can ‘show and tell’ their experiences, and look at advanced topics such as CSS theming and Learning Record Stores.

So, if you are in Auckland New Zealand on 1st October (or need a good reason to travel!) these workshops could be a perfect distraction. And at just $200 each they are really good value for money too!

Visit the New Zealand Moodle Moot site (link above) to see the programme 🙂

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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