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Richard has extensive and diverse experience in technology and e-learning…

Richard says he is semi-retired, so he should have plenty of time to post here now 😉

You can see Richard’s posts on his author page:



  • Moodle Activity Module Collaborate (here)
  • Simple lesson plugin (here)
  • Starting in Moodle Development (here)
  • Better online design (here)
  • Principles for learning organisations (here)

Originally from the UK, Richard started life as a geologist and geophysicist and from there moved into mathematical modelling of fluidised bed combustion and other research for a few years. Then became a teacher in an international school and has worked in Portugal, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and China.

His qualifications include MA Educational Management (UK), Certificate in Online Education (Australia), and Certificate in Designing and Facilitating eLearning (NZ).

His recent work includes course and learning design for HRDNZ (Moodle Partner), Storyline training, and Moodle theming.

Richard is the developer and co-facilitator for the unique HRDNZ courses in Moodle development:

MoodleBites for Developers Level 1 (introduction)


MoodleBites for Developers Level 2 (advanced)

He is currently working on a Moodle simplelesson plugin, a cool version of the Moodle Lesson activity that uses questions from the question bank (!) which can be found in the official Moodle plugins database:



He is also author of the IB Computer Science text book Managing the Moodle 2.5 School (published by Smashwords and also available in the Apple iBook store).


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