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Moodle 3.7 forum improvements

Released 20th May 2019, Moodle 3.7 has some significant forum improvements.

Forums have had a bit of a make-over in Moodle in 3.7. Here are the main things that have changed, so make sure you familiarise yourself with them…

  • Private reply option – now you can reply privately to a forum post – nice
  • Ability to star discussions – this is like a favourite – so could be useful if you want to refer back to a useful discussion
  • In-page forum post reply – should make it quicker to use now you can respond inline !
  • Ability to lock discussions manually – a function for teachers who want to stop further discussion in a specific forum
  • Ability to create discussions without changing page – much quicker
  • Forum display updated to use templates – which means they should be more consistent in appearance with the rest of the site and Theme
  • List of discussions is sortable – as it should be – combined with star (favourite) this is beneficial
  • Accessibility improvements to forum discussions – part of the constant accessibility improvements in Moodle
  • Forum rendering speed improvements – anything that makes it quicker is good
  • Forum scheduled task (cron) has been refactored into several smaller cron tasks – should help with back-end processing for large or busy sites
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