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Moodle Badges – new criteria including photo and Cohort

Site level Badges in Moodle now include some new criteria options…

We don’t need to tell Teachers about Badges in Moodle – they are one of the most popular additions in recent years!

However, Moodle site administrators should be aware that site level Badges have some additional functionality.

While the settings for site level Badges are basically the same as for a teacher in a course, the criteria are slightly different because of the global nature of the badge.

These extra criteria are:

  • Manual issue by role
  • Completing a set of courses
  • Profile completion

New in Moodle 3.5 are some additional and very useful criteria including:

  • Cohort membership
  • Previously awarded badges
  • And, as part of the above ‘profile completion‘ criteria, a Badge can be awarded for uploading a profile picture

This last option, and the profile completion in general, can be a motivator in encouraging users to complete their profile – so important in many online courses 🙂

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Stuart Mealor

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