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Moodle can remove Teachers ability to Force course language

Administrators can stop teachers changing the forced course language setting.

At HRDNZ we’ve had situations on multilingual Moodle sites where clients, and teachers, were confused about the Force language settings (particularly in language teaching courses).

Moodle 3.5 introduces a new capability whereby administrators can take away the ability for Teachers to Force the course language.

Here’s a typical scenario where this is really useful…

  • Imagine a Moodle site with multiple language packs installed and available for the users (For example: English and German while German is the main site language).
  • Because of this, the “Force language” setting in the course setting is filled with the language packs and is available for Teachers.
  • Although this setting contains “Do not force” by default, Teachers could  set their courses to Forced, because they think that it makes sense (for example a teacher teaching an English course wanting to define that the language of the course is English).
  • However, the result of having this setting set in courses is that Students who are viewing the Moodle course in their mother’s tongue (in this example German) are forced in specific courses to view the Moodle course in another language (in this example English).
  • Unfortunately these students can’t do anything about the language switch of the Moodle (which is, for some students, really confusing).

So Forcing a language in a course can be very problematic in some cases, although it clearly has its uses.

If you want to avoid the situation above, administrators can now take away the capability for Teachers to Force the course language on others 🙂

You can view the complete discussion here: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-52811

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