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Moodle Markdown editing – hidden treasure Part 5

In part 5 of this Moodle Markdown series we look at creating lists…

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This month we are going to look at how to create lists using Markdown.

Lists are exceptionally good at presenting data in short and organised way, and visually appealing.

Bulleted lists

Bullet point lists can be created by starting each line with an asterisk followed by a space before the content of the bullet point. Note that the space is important and should not be forgotten.

* first point
* second point
* third point

Numbered lists

Similarly, numbered lists can be created by starting each line with a number and full stop, followed by a space and then the relevant text.

1. first point
2. second point
3. third point

Indented lists

You can nest or indent bullet and numbered lists, even mixing bullet point and numbered lists in one structure:

* top level bullet one
* sub-bullet 
* sub-bullet 2 
* top level bullet two 
1. numbered point one
1. nested numbered point 
2. numbered point two

So now you know how to enable Markdown for editing, add text, new paragraphs, headings, and lists 🙂

More next month !

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