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Moodle plugin download analysis

I thought I would look at the statistics surrounding Moodle plugin downloads…

You can view the statistics for Moodle downloads at this page:


As you can see from the feature image on this post, it’s quite revealing! Taking look at these we can see:

  • Many of the downloads (almost a their of the tope twenty!) are Themes, including
    • Adaptable
    • Moove
    • Eguru
    • Academic
    • Klass
    • Fordson
    • Essential
  • Interactive Content – H5P is hugely popular – although this will likely decrease once Moodle 3.9 with native H5P integration is released (so only older sites may require the plugin).
  • The remaining top twenty plugins make complete sense when thinking about how an online learning environment is used:
    • Custom certificate (although there are perhaps better certificate plugins now available)
    • Attendance – great for blended learning on in-class management
    • Questionnaire – has consistently been one of the most download ed plugins for 10+ years … which kind o0f begs the question “Why on earth have Moodle HQ not integrated this into the core code?” Although exactly the same question could apply to a Certificate module.
    • Big Blue Button – a great video-conference system now standard in MoodleCloud installations
    • Configurable Reports – Moodle has always been seen as a little weak in this area
    • Completion Progress (Block) – again, continually in the top ten of downloads for many years – and Moodle HQ have a blind spot about this being in core – it SHOULD be – simple as that!
    • Hot Pot – very popular with schools – although this could decrease with more H5P use in the future
    • Moodle eMail test – interesting – and so many admins seem to struggle with this (although it’s not just Moodle, it’s about understanding email servers too)
    • Grid course format … I wonder if this should be wondered for inclusion in core? Now Boost has ‘settled down’ it should be possible.
    • Game – nice fun plugin
    • Level Up – popular gamification option

My conclusion is:

Moodle HQ should add to Moodle core:

  • A certificate module
  • An attendance module
  • Questionnaire
  • Completion Progress block
  • And maybe a Grid course format

What do you think?

Stuart Mealor
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