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Moodle plugin of the month – Buttons course format

Looking for a cool way to organise and present your Moodle course?

The Buttons course format plugin creates a menu with buttons to access the different sections (Weeks or Topics), one by one.

Features of this plugin include:

  • Create groups of sections, to separate topics in modules or weeks
  • Create names to the groups to identify them. (e.g. First semester, Topics about a specific theme)
  • Dynamically change the colour of the buttons – when active, inactive, hover, and hidden) – which is great because they fit it with your Moodle theme
  • Define the list-style – choosing between numbers, letters or Roman numerals
  • Select the button’s shape, choosing between squares or circles

This is a nice simple plugin, that can help make your Moodle courses look and feel a little more modern.

The Buttons course format is available in the Moodle plugins database:


You can also try the Buttons course format for real, for free, on the HRDNZ plugins site:


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