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Moodle plugin of the month – Cohort membership based on Profile field

Profile field based cohort membership is one of the most interesting plugins we’ve seen recently…

This is another plugin that we really use ourselves – on our www.moodebites.com Moodle courses site.

If your site uses Cohort (sometimes referred to as site-wide groups) then you will know how useful this cohort feature can be.

But rather than manually adding users to Cohorts, did you know that by using this plugin you can have users automatically added to Cohorts based on a value in their profile?  Cool eh?

Basically you are able to setup rules (much like you might do with your email inbox) that will look at users profiles, for a value in a specific field, and add the user to a Cohort based on this.

An example might be adding all the users from one Country (required profile field) to a Cohort of users in the same location.

You can also use custom profile fields – items that have beed added to the Profile just for your organisation.

You can also decide which Cohort the rule operates on – useful if you are already using Cohorts extensively.

This plugin is here:


With additional documentation (well worth reading) here:


Let us know if you use this plugin, or similar ?

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