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Moodle plugin of the month – Simple Clock

Working across timezones? The Simple Clock plugin could be a great enhancement for your Moodle site.

This Block is a simple Javascript clock that highlights the time difference between the user, and the Moodle server for the site. This could be really useful for example with support options, if you are running courses from the UK or USA, but most of your learners are based in China, or India.


  • Maintains time difference between page loads
  • Shows site icon and user image as clock icons

There are a few simple options for setting up this Block, and it is possible to achieve the following configurations:

  • Can display server time, user time, or both
  • Option to display seconds
  • Option to display day names
  • Hide header/title
  • Hide clock icons
  • Change the Block title

Simple Clock on Moodle Docs

Simple Clock on Moodle plugins directory

See the Simple Clock plugin in action on our free Moodle plugins site here: https://plugins.moodlebites.com/course/view.php?id=18

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