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Moodle Quiz question types – Embedded answers (Cloze) questions

Embedded answers (Cloze) questions in Moodle can be difficult to master, but are well worth the effort.

Embedded answers (Cloze) questions consist of a passage of text (in Moodle format) that has various answers embedded within it, including multiple choice, short answers and numerical answers.

Originally there was no graphical interface to create these questions within your Moodle site – you needed to specify the question format using the text box or by importing them from external files.

You can now link to an external web site that can create these questions from a graphical interface, see the Online Cloze Question quiz generator below.

There is also an Excel-based Cloze and GIFT Generator that was presented at the 2017 Moodle Moot Japan.

There is a Cloze editor for TinyMCE (Editor) that will let you create these questions from a graphical interface within your Moodle site, but it will overwrite your current HTML editor and only works with the TinyMCE editor but not with Atto. A Cloze editor plugin for Atto is now available.

Some of people suggest that Hot Potatoes software is an easier way to create embedded answer (Cloze) questions. Once you have created your questions on your PC, you can then import them into Moodle’s quiz module.

However, the flexibility of the Cloze question type is hard to equal and despite the minor coding that you need to create the questions, it has great value in the Moodle Quiz.

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