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New H5P content type – KewAr (QR) Code

A new content type for all the H5P users around the world!

From a recent H5P press release…

The new KewAr code content type

QR codes make it easy to transfer data from a screen to a device, typically a smrtphone. Very practical if you are presenting virtually and would like participants to solve quizzes on their phone during the presentation, or if you would like to make it easy for participants to store your contact information during a presentation.

If you scan the below example with your phone you should get the location of the H5P Core Team’s HQ:

KewAr code allows authors to add QR codes that represent things like:

  • Links
  • Contact information
  • Calendar events
  • Locations on a map
  • Secret(!) H5P content

KewAR Code is available on all platforms (e.g. H5P.org, H5P.com, WordPress, and LMS’s such as Moodle).

But before you rush off to integrate QR codes within your existing H5P content, nots that It currently only works as a stand-alone activity, but H5P have advised it will be added to both Interactive Book and Course Presentation in future updates 🙂

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