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The jigsaw of the day…

Well, this is not exactly a Moodle jigsaw, and perhaps for IT guys this is something more than “obvious”.

Though I spend quite some time trying and testing several options and addons…

In my job, we use Youtube to store our HD videos. Though Youtube isn’t accessible from all over the world. Actually countries like Bahrain, China, Pakistan and often offices in US and Europe have banned the access to Youtube.

The videos are not essential, are mostly used to break the ice and introduce to the module’s subject to end users.

Thus a low resolution alternative video must be used to cover the areas where Youtube is banned.

So far I was using the really cool and easy to use site of http://keepvid.com/ but unfortunately after my system’s upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04, for some reason I can’t make it work, despite I have installed Java.

I looked for several browser addons and other sites (I spend more than a couple hours on that!) and finally I found this: http://en.savefrom.net/

It seems to be a freeware and copyrighted application but it works.

Of course legal and ethical concerns must be taken into account, so …use it with conscience.

Oh! And a thanks the Epiphany browser which uses a different default search engine (obviously) and gave me completely different results from Firefox and Chromium. Feels good to have an alternative installed, even if it’s not the first option.

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I am an educator specialised in distance education, living and working from Greece. I have been working with HRDNZ for long time, since I completed my Moodle Teacher Certificate in 2007. My key role is to manage Moodle Educator Certificate program for HRDNZ.

One thought on “The jigsaw of the day…

  • Thanks a lot for the link! It seems that both of them work the same. I also downloaded the extension for Firefox of the savefrom.com and it works exactly as you describe.

    It’s really good though to have an alternative in mind. Thank you! 🙂


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