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Articulate Storyline 3

Have you upgraded to Articulate Storyline 3 yet?

Articulate Storyline is probably the industry-standard for developing high-level e-learning content, with its timeline animations and trigger events, photographic and illustrated characters, design/colour themes, and output options, including the HTML5 standard that most of us will want these days.

Of course Storyline is really for content designers, and the functionality and learning-curve (and time required to learn) is beyond what most teachers will ever want to invest. For for corporate use, and high-profile projects, where there is a reasonable budget, it can be exceptionally good.

But Storyline isn’t cheap. A license will cost you US$1,398, but if you own an earlier version you can upgrade for US$699.

And there are a whole range of powerful features in version 3 compared to version 2, including:

  • Responsive Player for Tablets and Smartphones
  • Responsive Preview Toolbar
  • Responsive Playback Restrictions
  • HTML5 Gesture Support
  • Publish to HTML5 First/Only
  • Modern Text Rendering
  • Structure Text with Tables
  • Closed Captions Editor
  • Import Closed Captions
  • Custom Fonts for Closed Captions
  • Toggle Captions On/Off with Triggers
  • Dial Interactions
  • Orient Objects to Motion Paths
  • More Trigger Actions
  • Edit Properties for Multiple Layers Simultaneously
  • Duplicate Multiple Layers Simultaneously
  • Square-Corner Button Styles
  • Broadcast-Level Audio Optimisation
  • Picture Placeholders Can Be Any Shape
  • Images Scale and Crop to Fill Picture Placeholders
  • Triggers Remain When Swapping Out Placeholder Images
  • New Design Elements for Result Slides
  • Publish Scenes or Slides
  • Right-to-Left Language Support
  • Section 508 Accessibility Support in HTML5 Output
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Support in HTML5 Output
  • Define Custom Tab Order in HTML5 Output
  • Adjustable Player Font Size in HTML5 Output
  • Skip Player Navigation with Screen Readers in HTML5 Output
  • Language ID for Screen Readers in HTML5 Output
  • Find and Replace Fonts
  • Detect Missing Fonts
  • HTML5-Only CD Courses
  • Enhanced Restricted/Locked Navigation

If you are using Moodle, then you really want to go for this upgrade, as the HTML5 output is essential (no more Flash).

Check out the details at: https://articulate.com/p/storyline-3

Stuart Mealor
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Stuart Mealor

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