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Meet ElearningWorld writer – Anna

Time to meet another of our truly outstanding writers, Anna Krassa from Greece.

Time to meet another of our featured writers for ElearningWorld.org, and this time it’s Anna Krassa.

I have to be upfront here, I’ve known Anna for almost 15 years, we’ve worked together on many international projects together, and I consider her one of my very best friends in the world.

Anna’s Linkedin page describes herself as “Passionate with what I am doing both in professional and personal level. Aim to find the best balance between work and personal life and evolve in both.

Her education background includes Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics (Librarianship) at Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, and Master of Education (Distance Education) from Athabasca University.

Here work career has included Librarian – E-Learning Service at University of Macedonia, E-learning consultants with HRDNZ (Moodle Partner since 2006), and GAC Learning Management Consultant.

Anna has a wealth of education and technology experience to share, and what’s ever better is that she loves sharing!

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