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Could YOU write for ElearningWorld ?

How would you like to be a writer for ElearningWorld?

We are looking for a couple of new writers to join our informal team and contribute articles for ElearningWorld. All levels of experience are applicable (you do not need to be a guru!) But here is what we need…

  • You are familiar with WordPress (the ElearningWorld platform)
  • You are able to contribute one post each month
  • You have a specific interest that extends and compliments the existing team of writers and articles
  • You have a strong level of written English and an ability to write accurate, informative and entertaining content
  • You have basic web graphics skills (e.g. image sourcing and resizing)
  • You are not representing a commercial product or service

ElearningWorld posts currently reach almost 100,000 subscribers, followers, and visitors. So if you have something to say – let us know!

If you are interested please send me a quick email briefly outlining your fit against the criteria above. stuart[AT]hrdnz.com


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